Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad trip day 11 (Yosemite NP)

Yosemite National Park. Eagles creek or something like dat. By the way when we took this photo, there were really eagles above and screeching out.
Question how do you avoid paying national park entrance fees: drive in before 8a.m when there is no one at the payment counter. hehe

The treking here is no joke. Plenty of upslope so bring water and food.

Hey there are horses and donkeys that i think you can pay to ride up the trails. Just don't stay behind these horses cause they are the cause of jams up the trail. Just imagine how big they are and how narrow the path is.
The top of Vernall falls.
bring a few bottle of coke and a net. put them in the water and not too long later you will have ice cold coke.
Anyway we didn't maneg to trek to the reflection pool and see the half dome before the rain starting pouring on us. Rikki was still betting with me that it would not rain... In the end not only did it rain dammn heavily, there was lighning, thunder and a hailstorm. We did have enough time to make the hike to the reflection pool after the rain stopped but by then we had all changed out of our wet clothes and were simply too lazy to change back.

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