Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad trip day 7 to 8 (San Francisco)

As usual if you go to the Chinatown and you are sure to look for some dim sum and we found one that was endorse by Yan Can Cook.
The food was ok though not as good as i had expected. Maybe my expectations was raise too high cause i thought SF is the largest Chinatown therefore it must be good.
I am not able to show some of the photos here actually we went to bike the bridge that day which cost us 28 dollars a bike. Haven't exercise for so long hence biking across the 13km trial was damn difficult because we were going against the wind and there are many areas where it is up slope. Maybe getting the comfort bike is better it cost 4 dollars more because i think the standard bike is really crap. Anyway if i go get the photos i will post it up.
The last day with the HKU ppl we took them across the Golden Gate Bridge
through Sonoma and to Napa Valley, the wineries region. We drop them off at Napa factory outlet before going to explore on our own.

We decided to pay the old faithful geyser a visit. Tickets cost 7 dollar a person after a one dollar discount for AAA card.
The four horn goat or something.
The old faithful steams up every maybe 10 to 12 mins so you can definately catch it in action.

After that some self indulge, spa treatment. this one cost us USD 54 a person using coupon. There is a mud bath, jacuzzi and a body wrap which last about an hour. What was lacking in the package to make it perfect would be a body massage.

The Napa wine train.

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