Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grad Trip Day 13 to 14 (Las vegas)

Continue drive to Las Vegas, the Sin City from Barstow which is not that far away.
As mention, the road is usually damn straight so pretty easy to drive.
Stratosphere, the hotel which we stayed. Its cheap and good only problem with it, it is a tad far away from the strip about 1.3 miles maybe around 2 km so if you don't have a car its gonna be a problem. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine since there are free parking all along the strip.
Las Vegas Boulevard
Its just 26 dollars a night for a nice room you can actually have it for 23 bucks but i paid for a 3 bucks upgrade to a higher floor, maybe not worth the upgrade though cause i can only see the carpark but its definately worth it to get a suite will show you why later on. Anyway free entry up to the observation deck and laundry services at the 6th floor. Shiok.

The Venetian, every hotel in Vegas is special, the interior decor is different and it seems like an attraction by itself.

You don't have to pay to find entertainment, they are free look at these bunch of singers

Buffets are a must at Vegas. We went to the mirage to have the buffet and its shiok. The service staff is also dman friendly but of course remember to tip them after having a happy meal.
Alsakan crab legs.
One of the free shows along the strip, this one by the Mirage.

Another free show, The Siren of Treasure Island.
These free shows are nothing short of spectacular and you wonder what you are paying for to see in Singapore....
Early next morning we went for our skydiving experience which cost us a hefty sum but well if not now when? While we drove to the skydiving centre, look at the sky...
The actual training took maybe 10 minutes at most and we were off on the plane ready to jump. It took me slightly by surprise because i thought we were training anyway does not matter than much. If you are doing the skydiving spend more and get a 3 mile instead of a 1 mile drive to make it more worth it.
Anyway, the funny thing was i am the first in line to jump and i don't feel a thing about jumping out. No adrenaline rush for me. Its wierd i know but well its like microlight flying for me, nothing really much to cause an adrenaline rush but well for the others they were screaming like hell but i also had to since i paid a lot of money to get it on video.One of the other jumpers with us.
By the wya find the coupon book and bring it over to change for a free shirt.
After that, we went for lunch at Terribles casino for the Terrible buffet. Haha. its not that bad actually but it will be more like a school meal plan but its still about 9 or 10 dollars after tips so its still more worth while than having say a fast food meal.These mega casino like the Caesars Palace is extremely huge and you will spend a long time exploring them.
Lots of photo taking opportunities. Eh i dunnoe whats with Scott's pose but anyway its Scotts.

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