Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad trip day 9 (San Francisco)

Day 10, after sending the HKU group off the previous night, we will be making our way to pick rikki up from the airport today. Threfore staying near the airport actually was a good idea. We had some time to kill and decided to go to the famers market at Half Moon Bay.
The drive was scenic but after driving like three or maybe four times around the main street we did not manage to see the famers market. Just before we were about to give up, i spotted some white tents and we stopped over to take a look and sure enough it was there.
It was not as big as i thought it would be and the signs pointing to it wasn't that eye catching so its easy to give it a miss. Anyway they sell some fresh products and we bought some. The bread was good but expensive.

Golden gate bridge from the golden gate park.
Hmmm let me recall, i think i cross the golden gate bridge at least 5.5 times. 4 times riding the bicycle, once driving across and 0.5 walking across.

The other bridge around san francisco the bay bridge that connects to Oakland.

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