Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grad trip Day 18 to 19 (LA)

Its another long drive out to LA something like over 250 miles.
First thing we did after checking in, the walk of fame.
The first night at the walk of fame was not spectucular, all we found was some dead and unheard stars that was probably our parents era.
Rikki with the face mask. We parked at CVS and bought something so that we don't have to pay parking. Guess what the other night before we left, i saw cvs towing 2 cars away. hengz so be careful where you park.
Next morning its Universal Studios Hollywood.

Word of advice get to the park early and start off your day at the lower area. We did that and we manage to avoid the crowd. We even manage to do some of the tides twice without having to que for it.

The funny thing, Rikki's cap flew off while we were taking this ride.
You get to see how they create some special effects in the movies which i think is very interesting

The studio tour should be one of the highlights beside the tours i think its is very entertaining and the best part you are sitting all the time and under shade so for those who don't want to walk this is the place.

The desperate house wife setting.
War of the Worlds.

This is a real man but he is damn good he looks really like a statue and a girl who thought he was a statue got the shock of her life when he move while she was trying to take a photograph with him (the statue) haha.
Off seasons so not much shows being film at the studios.
The Chinese theatre, you will find the biggest stars with the walk of fame icon here.
The Kodak theatre which i think is it the Oscars or some other big show is held here.

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