Friday, May 15, 2009

Graduation trip day 4 and 5 (San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara, Solvang and Costal Route)

San Diego is the kind of place anybody who like military hardware must go. Everything is just there. No joke.Behind me one of the soviet submarines that was also used in one of the Movie which i think is Master and Commander or something like dat. Behind USS Hornet, by the way now i think about it again this is a better deal that USS Midway which i visited. There are a lot more aircrafts on their deck. Besides decommission aircraft carriers the 3rd fleet is also based there and there is a section called the aircraft carrier row as well as numerous fleet bases. When i was there, i saw at least two active carriers and not including more than dozen other warships. There was dozen of patrol crafts that are armed as well so don't fool around.
We drove near to a military base to have a nice shot of San Diego downtown. Scott almost drive into the base though and gave me a good scare. I was like NO NO NO you can't... He was like no worries just say we are tourist. Come on, USA was bombed in Pearl Harbour because the Japanese was acting as tourist... I don't want to take the chance and they are certainly not your SAF troops. They are regulars. I don't want to be like in Harold and Kumar. Hahaha.
Lunch for the first few days was mainly chips and junk food that we bought from the 99 cent stores which help us to save a lot of money.
Point Loma, nice scenary of the San Diego bay area. You need to pay 5 bucks to get in but well worth it.
For some reason, you can see the base from the vantage point of point loma and you can see dozens of black hawks, F18s and other military aircrafts from there.
The funny thing was the announcement system even tells you there is a nuclear attack submarine coming into port... Talk about being discret.

The ideal house.
We manage to squeeze sometime on the way back to LA to pay Felcia a visit at her California Polytechnic. Her school dorm reminds me of NTUC downtown east chalet, no joke i think the setting and the design looks the same.
Her school term is damn wierd compared to all the other exchange students, she only came to the US in like mid of March and her term ends in middle of june which is pretty short.

Next stop, we drop by Santa Barbara. This place is so spanish. Actually the nice places are all out of town and you need to reach it by car. So if you are visiting California, get a car and drive out of the city.
The second pitstop for our coastal drive up to San Francisco, Solvang the Danish town. I like all the small towns they are all unique in their own way and if you are in Solvang buy their Danish pastry, they are pretty good. The thing about the town is all the local staff are dress in traditional danish customs to create that danish atmosphere.
We had a good lunch at Solvang and it wasn't that expensive as well. The best part, the strawberries were really fresh and tasty. The rest of the day, I drove 300 over miles a4long the coastal route to hit the outskirts of San Francisco. The original plan was to do this over two days but we wanted to pick up the HKU group from the airport the next day. Its not an easy drive the costal route, it was like the circuits in Daytona, turning and turning for hours. Guess what, i was the driver and i only got my license 9 months ago haha. Anyway we didn't really see what was Big spur about since we saw tons and tons of coastal scenary all along the entire day so we were like numb to some extend. Oh one more thing don't expect to have reception for your phone at some places along the coastal route and if anything happens you better start praying because there is nothing near the route. Anyway almost forgetting, the picture above is the fame lone cyrpus at the 17 mile drive.
There are indeed many nice scenary spots along but i guess we were pretty tired after a long day of driving.

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