Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last parties in Boston

Starting with this send off for Julia which is held in our Forest Dorm.
There were so many people who got drunk that night but well its the last night for Julia.
One last group photo with Julia
Minna msn me to do a gathering at seasons before we leave and well ...
Look at the number of people who turn out, i think all the Bentley kids were thinking whats with the size of this group. It was even larger than the other time we had this huge table at Seasons with most of the Europeans.
The next day, Adibah and gang were leaving for Charles place at Cape Cod but look at the amount of luggage four people had... The thing was initially there was a tinge of saddness that people were leaving but i guest after the uncle that was supposed to pick them up came about 2 hours late because of the jam, it sort of dose that feeling and i guess they were more eager to leave than feeling the saddness of leaving.

Last day at Bentley was really a mad rush plus consider that I haven't had proper sleep for the last two days because we were having all these send offs, it was really mad. I was supposed to go with Rose and Orsi to take photos around the Campus but the weather was pretty bad that day and we only had a one hour time frame before i left for Boston downtown but we were still lucky that the weather improvcd slightly for us to take the photos.
My friend JP from Japanese class joined us that evening for dinner at Cheesecake factory.
Entire Semester, its the only time we hang out together and he treated me, Yanmin and a few of those seating at that area dinner. Thanks JP, hope to see ya in Singapore and i will definately treat you to nice food and drinks.

Dinner with Andrew Innocent, Andrew Saxes, Miriam, Ali and of course the rest of the exchange group.

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