Sunday, May 10, 2009

A few more days, a mixed of emotions

In less 3 days the exchange will be officially over, everyone will be heading back from where they came from. Its a wierd moment a mix of emotion, something that is overwhelming and uncontrollable. Today, the second exchange student, Julia has left and as i had expected all the girls cried like mad. This is the part i hate the most when you know for sure you won't see them again and unlike girls when they can just cry, guys??? The sadness is just inside. Even though I may not be that close to certain people but i think i will certainly miss them.

Whether there were differences or not, these will be common memories everyone will take home, never forget and bond the group together. Compared to the most of the other people here, i know exactely how it feels and sometimes i guess i am just too "advanced", i feel things way ahead of others as well. Damn... and the thing is i am still feeling it. Like one friend said to me, 'Leaving is always tough especially when you leave your friends behind too but come back to see your friends for 11 years as well' haha. Another told me, 'its good cause it shows that you have expeirence many things and have many memories and isn't that a good thing?'.

The added task of looking for a job is adding to the mix of emotions, after nearly 2 decades of education, i am finally going to step into the working world only to face the worst recession in like almost a 100 years. I can't believe my luck man...

I will certainly miss my host families from Seattle, Niagara falls to Oshawa and the friends I met in Bentley. I do hope someday i get to meet them again.

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