Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation trip to the West Coast Day 1 to 3 (Santa Monica and San Diego)

Now that the trip is over, I am back and have told my mum about driving and stuff haha i can finally input more information here. Anyway, the first day of our trip we went to Los Angeles, Santa Monica and stayed at rhe super 8 there, the cab fare was something like 55 dollars. It was a big suite. Everything was there, we have our own kitchen facilities too. The only thing lacking was a good and stable internet connection which was only available near the lobby.
There was a 99cent store there and this store is great, i think even cheaper than Walmart. Most of the things were going for 99cents and we bought a lot of stuff from there including our breakfast. The microwave breakfast had brownie, corn and a piece of pizza, all that for 99cents. We bought like 3 litre sodas for 99 cents everything was amazingly cheap. The next day after we got our car, a Mazada 6, we drove to Santa Monica beach
Took some cheap thrills of taking photos and not buying anything haha.
If anybody is hitting La, you probably should visit Santa Monica and i think one thing special about the place is the street artist. I bought some hand painted pictures from them and its really amazing just looking at how they create that piece of art.
In the evening, we started our drive down to San Diego which we stop by different places along orange county and finally slept in the car at some Mac Donald parking lot. haha. We brought blankets and pillow along so that we can have a more comfortable night in the cars to save some money. Early next morning we went to Sea World and bought discounted tickets using online coupons. Hehe another great way to save money.
Ths star of seaworld, Shamu the killer whale. The theme park is worth the money really and i think Singaporeans should go for this instead of the San Diego Zoo which is also famous but well the Singapore Zoo is not bad either so for something different visit the Seaworld.
Starfish General
The shows in the park were good. I must say they even have entertainment before the actual show starts and they are really good.

We played some games in Seaworld and won these two killer whale soft toys. By the way we played in such a way its a confirm win. haha.
We visited San Diego old town just before checking into the Hotel that night which was another Super 8 hotel.

The old town had a lot of Mexican Heritage and influence. Afterall, it is an hour away from the Mexican border.
So this was the nearest we got to the epic centre of the swine flu.
We had our own rooms that night because Ali didn't manage to join us for the trip and we could not cancel the room.

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