Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mummmy.... It's Over WHAHAHAHAHA

YES ARH! The exams are officially over. My last semester, I hoped in SIM and my last exam in the grand hall. I am a bit slow compared to shaun and kang in updating the blog cause of the us trip preparation plus a major cleaning up operation of my room which is filled with stacks and stacks of material. I really almost spend 24 hours just to clear them away.

We must be the craziest and wackiest group around, while everyone is chionging to collect their SM individual project, we were the only jokers fooling around in the grand hall.

Semester 5 ... A semester that totally caught me off guard but i still felt much more relaxed than semester 4 with respect to the work load factor. Unlike semester 4, there was no warning of the tsunami of assignments and their close proximity. But as Obama's now famous timeless creed put it, 'Yes we can' and we did. We lost one of our member to reservice and the fact is we did not even have the maximum number to start with for our last project and yet we still secured a decent grade. I think the rest of the group members are as proud as I am on this one but there are more results to be release soon. Hope we do well. For all my group members who will be here during semester 6, all the best.

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