Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The burning flame

Our senior, Ms Ong Pei See lighting up the campfire (or my cadets call it tinfire). Just to let you know her impressive history, she went for exchange to Canada when she was just in secondary 3, i had to wait till i was in JC 1, oh ya and Capt J, my host in Canada have reminded me to mention that we stayed in the same house haha and yes many of our cadets also met Capt J when there were in Canada :). She is also the first female in our unit to get the airborne badge and is also the first female parade commander of the NCC Parade which happens to be also the 100th year anniversary of NCC at SAFTI MI. She command a combined contingent of more than 800 with the Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Long as the Guest of Honour. She also got the first Indian Glider badge in our unit. Currently, she is a pilot with Jetstar Asia and guess what she is just 2 years older than me. Man... envy, i asked my mum to sponser pilot training, she asked me go fly kite... hahaha. So next time, my friends who got some misconception that i am impressive or whatever, please see this and you will know I am just average. It's good to see the spirit of the unit carrying on both in the ex cadets as well as the juniors. This year's Cadet Officer night was an event of unprecedented scale. We had ex cadets that had graduated from 1998 that came back for this event. I am actually surprised by the turnout. I was expecting around only 30 cause its a weekday and we had so many batches held up by school, work or national service. From the ushers to the reception, the door gifts, the seatings, food and the performance, i think it was really quite impressive. I think we deserve the above all title. Even when the school itself poured much more resources for a reunion dinner two years back, there were probably something like 200 ex students that came back. For a fraction of that cost, we got this amount i think its really impressive. Having a bit of difficulty taking this group photo. I must say i like this kinda difficulty as it is a demostration of our unit's strength that i think hardly any other CCAs in AMKSS can match.
Finally, the group photo. Although there were some hiccups here and there, the performances were actually better than expectated and for those who know me, i am quite stringent with my evlautation. Good job to those involved and to the support staff working behind to ensure the success of the event, you have impressed the guest that night.
Its really great to have so many seniors coming back. Finally, i am not the most senior haha. There were many more who cannot make it because this event is held on a weekday, maybe the next one which probably will be a few years down the road will be held over the weekends. Anyway, its a pity Mdm Wan was held up, i will be sending her the photo.
My NCOs when i was Sec 1. Hahaha. Just imagine.
My batch of NCOs, a pity some of them could not join us because of exams. Many more of our ex cadets are held up by exams in ntu, nus, smu and for national service. I am thinking if they all come hahaha, the number would have easily balloned with at least another two to three dozen easily. To those who had serves, serving and will be serving may 'We always be above all'.

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