Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting outta here

Finally, settle all the visa issues, health check forms and orientation form. The most important things, I got my and Rikki's tickets which means i can confirmed now that i am leaving on the 9th January. Zhong Hao's ticket are still pending. However, i still have to settle the bills which is a headache cause the main coordinator is on maternity leave and i have not got a reply on the procedure from her assistant yet. So many things need to plan and execute. This is certainly no free holiday as people would think.
The motivation is the holiday trip. There are three parts that are planned, the first is the North Western Seattle portion. The second is the Northeastern route comprising of major cities in that area such as New York and Washington DC. Lastly, the southwestern route across three mega states, Arizona, Nevada and California. This is really one mega trip. Just in terms of planning for it will be a headache but a happy one cause when its time for the execution, its gonna be fun. After 1 year of preparation, its almost time. As you can see, I have already put up the countdown timer haha but before i can celebrate, there is one more important date that is 4th December, the date of the release of the results.

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