Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UIUC group

Rikki came over to Boston for his spring break and he brought a few friends along. Even though i am their tour guide, i didn't really visited Boston as much as some of the others because of the WIL2 project so I took the opportunity to take a better look and know more about Boston as well. I was supposed to meet them at quincy market but it turned out that they already had their fill at quincy and they wanted something else so i brought them to Penang at Chinatown. As the name suggest, it serves things like prawn mee and other nanyang dishes.
From left Zhongyi, Rikki, Yoke Teng, Terrance and Linda
Well when in Boston, the number one attraction for business student Havard Business school and touching John Havard's shiny shoe for good luck.

Next stop, yeah its a school again this time MIT (not RMIT) haha. Anyway if you are planning to visit MIT, there is a free 1.5 hour tour at 11a.m and 3p.m
The famous MIT dome where numerous MIT hex happened including a full scale police car bring placed on top of the dome. I still can't figure out how they did it.
Boston commons (which is also known as Beacon Hill)

Legal seafood, not something i would recommend. I don't think it taste exceptional and its pricey. I took the guys the next day to Chinatown the next morning for some shopping and we ate at this HK eatry that has very good chinese food at competitive prices and i think they like it pretty much. The final stop before the airport was Mike's pastry and the que reminds me of the mooncake and bbq pork que in chinatown...If you are planning a short visit to Boston, i guess this should covered the most important parts of the city.


Serene said...

wa~Sir, the place was like...so fun. Having a lot of fun there,yea?Lols!

Desmond Lim said...

haha yah and you should see the next one with the air people.