Friday, April 24, 2009

Expo at Brookhaven

The Consumer Behavior Expo at Broohaven, part of the marketing class I took. Using the most simplistic setup of just laptops, brochures and a blog, we demostrated the use of simple point and shoot camera.
Orsi talking to one of the Hungarian folks at Brookhaven.
Btw these folks at Brookhaven are not just your typical grandparents, some were researchers, CEOs... They were all professionals and the place they stayed in is not cheap at all.
I was so busy that day, I was literally swarmed by the folks. Even before i could set up the booth, there were already people there. It was a far cry from many other stores. Didn't expect so many folks to want to learn about cameras. Initially we focus on tips in buying a good camera because it was easy to do but they were asking us everything about using the camera. Lucky for me, I consider myself a tech geek and there wasn't any real problem doing it.

The HKU grp's booth

One thing i am glad we were able to do that is to really teach them something they want although haha our brochures were designed to make things easier for us. I also know that my salesmanship is still there.


Kang said...

Hows the swine flu over there?
Saw the news saying that its getting worse? are you guys ok over there?

Desmond Lim said...

its fine but guess i won't see anyone until mid june with the quarantine order hai should come back a bit later then army sure won't take me in as well