Saturday, October 9, 2010

Backdated Post after 4 months

Quick summary for what happen during last 4 months,
-Almost died preparing for the CFA Level 1 examination-[but worth the effort WoohOOOOOO]
-Cleared my two weeks in camp [First High key but already ATEC stage 1; PC down barely 10 mins after hitting platoon objective; comms down as usual; super sway as usual]
-Sister got married off [Tiring event, got so many things to do]
-My birthday [Celebrated in two different countries [SG and HK] first birthday dinner was end July and my last one was in Mid September haha]
-Grad trip to HK and visited so many friends [Cool]-Our European friends came visit for two weeks although I only manage to hang out with them a few times, amazing never expect so many of them to come over
-Project work, I am done with Japan and patch upgrade(unexpected one which I had to redo the bulk of my previous test case). I still have my Australia one, man first time I heard project datelines keep pushing forward. Yesterday was the first in a month that i saw daylight after work....
-Sign for for Level 2 examinations after a long thought, still haven't figure out how to tackle it or rather too tired to think of how to tackle them.


Solara said...

Everyone got trapped in that "so many work so little time" dilemma. (^_^) Myself included.

Emma said...

That looks like so much fun!

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Looks like every one is having fun :)

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