Monday, May 26, 2008

Introduction to the BBMFT Exchange programme

I hope this blog benefits the juniors from SIM-RMIT BBMFT whom may want to go for the exchange programme. Most of the people are put off by the troublesome procedures and uncertainties involved. One such uncertainity is the risk of having to come back to SIM to do one more semester. That happens when one of the subject that is a core subject is not available at the host University which i will touch on more later.

Well, for those who are interested in the exchange (RMIT students),;ID=aqzclo1opvrg1 this website gives you the latest update of the schools that you can go for. The popular ones with Singapore RMIT students are institutions from the USA and HK. Ok, as of what i know, we have students that have gone to Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, Arizona Univeristy, Bentley College, Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland (UM), University of North Corlina (but apparently its off now), Unitec (NZ), Ryerson University (Canada) and a German University. A frequently asked question, can two person go to the same university? The answer is apparently yes, two of our students went to Maryland together. And the average number of people who eventually go for the programme is about 8 people. The reason for this small number is not really due to grades rather cause of the reasons mention before that cause many people to pull out last minute.

I checked the RMIT website and there are about 110 exchange students going to RMIT in 2004 there were 45 from Bentley and 17 from Maryland. For grades wise, in order to compete the safety line is 3.0 which will allow you to apply for most universities. Not that you cannot apply if you have a GPA lower than 3.0 but basically you are competing for places with all other rmit students not just those in SIM. a 2.5 grade - apply for UNITEC, a 2.7-8 apply for Hong Kong Universities and for US universities a 3.0 is recommended. This is just recommended.

So first step for people who are interested is to get your GPA up first.

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